Water Well Servicing Saskatchewan


Water well not producing like it used to? Living Skies Drilling offers services such as; annual maintenance, inspection (pump testing, static water level measurement), well camera, disinfecting contaminated wells, redevelopment and rehabilitation of new or old wells.

Best suggested practices include annual well maintenance and inspection to ensure the water well components are functioning optimally and not coated in biofilm, encrusted or blocked. New water well casing, screens and gravel packs can become blocked over a period of days, months or years from sediment, biofilm or encrustation. Biofilm grows on well casing and screens and harbors bacteria. Bacteria can also contaminate the gravel pack and water tracks beyond it. Proper cleaning and disinfecting methods are needed in order to achieve optimal results for disinfection.

These issues can occur if the well was not developed optimally during construction and or if the well is not maintained on a regular basis. Mechanical and chemical redevelopment and rehabilitation methods can increase well productivity. Regular maintenance and inspection can assist in recognizing these issues early on.

We want to ensure that your water well is producing to the best of it’s potential and all components have the longest life possible before having to drill a new well.